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September 2018

Ascend Hospice President and CEO Anthony Spero is quoted in ENC Magazine from his MedTech Conference Panel. Click on the link below to read his quote.



August 2018

Last week in New York, at the Ascend Leadership meeting, Key Note Speaker Les Cavicchi, MPA, NHA of the Brookings Group, shared an inspiring message  …“Let’s Talk Team!”

He engaged the Ascend Hospice, Home Health and Concierge leaders with exploring how we motivate, communicate, and hold ourselves, each other and our direct reports accountable to achieve results.

Through examples of accomplishments of great leaders including long ago politicians, and their teams, he emphasized the importance of being effective at facilitating and using creativity. Everyone was in awe of the story of Arthur Fry who invented the non adhesive glue which we would all come to learn as the “post it” note.

He closed with all the various ways people like to be rewarded and to understand the different motivators when it comes to recognizing people for their contributions inside and outside of the organizations where we work.


May 2018


National Nurses Week 

Ascend is grateful for the work our nurses do every day. National Nurses Week is a great opportunity to take the time to honor and give thanks to our nursing staff. 

National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. These permanent dates enhance planning and position National Nurses Week as an established recognition event.

For more information on the history of National Nurses Week, visit

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January 2015
Ascend Health’s President, Anthony Spero, will be Presenting at the 2015 AHCA/NCAL Symposium
Ascend Health, which includes Ascend Hospice, Home Health and Concierge Home Care, is pleased to announce Anthony Spero’s upcoming speaking engagement at the AHCA/NCAL Symposium February 23– 25, 2015.

This annual event offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to collaborate, learn and challenge each other through thoughtful and inspiring breakout sessions.

Staying true to Ascend Health’s mission, vision and values, Mr. Spero touches on the importance of holistic transparent care when building the patient-provider relationship. Below is a glimpse of what will be presented:

Seeing Care through the Eyes of the Person

Along with Ascend Health’s President Anthony Spero, this session will also be presented by post-acute thought leaders Andi Clark, RN, CEO, Andi Clark & Associates; Ed McMahon, PhD, Vice President, Quality, Sunrise Senior Living; and David Stordy, Chief Operating Officer, Mainstreet.

Session Description:
This session is dedicated to unlocking the power of innovation as the presenters ask participants to “see care through the eyes of the person.” Presenters will examine and discuss with participants a holistic approach to transparent care that embraces the partnership between the person and their family, and the physician and the interdisciplinary team. This partnership team develops a comprehensive plan of care that anticipates and responds to the personal and family needs, including physical comfort, and emotional, informational, cultural and spiritual learning.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to define transparent care across the continuum as it relates to the emerging new values and expectations of the individual
  • Learn how active listening will develop a trusting-caring-learning relationship with the person and their family, which is needed to develop a holistic, inclusive plan of care and healing
  • Understand how innovative technology contributes to a transparent environment, and encourages learning and independence
  • Imagine and examine how the person sees their healthcare setting today, and what they will see in the future, including innovative concepts and design that present a caring-healing environment

Ascend Launches Rebranding Efforts
July 2014
Care Alternatives, BergenCare Home Health, BergenCare Personal Touch and Total Care of Massachusetts are pleased to announce that they have just completed an exciting rebranding effort with their family of companies to better communicate their services as well as maintain continuity in the care they provide. Although this transformation includes new names, logos and uniforms, Ascend will still continue to provide the same best-in-class service for each and every one of their patients and their family members.

To reflect their commitment to delivering the highest standard of care and to position them as a progressive and high-reaching organization, they have chosen to rename their family of companies Ascend. Meaning “to move, climb, or go upward; to rise to a higher point”, their new name truly embodies their goals as a united company.

The Ascend family of companies now includes:
Ascend Hospice, formerly Care Alternatives
Ascend Home Health, formerly BergenCare Home Health and Total Care of Massachusetts
• Ascend Concierge Home Care, formerly BergenCare Personal Touch
• Ascend Rehab

Ascend strives to be recognized as a trustworthy leader in healthcare and is dedicated to inspiring people to live better lives through innovative, personalized health and wellness programs, products, and services.

View the video below to meet the dynamic team behind this innovative family of companies.

Ascend Launch Party – July 22nd 2014 – Cranford, NJ